Name: Sultan Mohammed Saeed Noman
Date of Birth: (1962) Aden, Yemen
Current Occupation: Type Designer
Year of Graduation: (1992)Military University of the Russian Ministry of Defense, Moscow.
Qualifications: MA in Sociology
Studies and Main Works :
- The first to computerize Musnad (Old South Arabian Writing System) in the International Code, Unicode. Linguistic Department, University of California 2007
- Developed more than (90) Arabic text , Headlines, Display and web Font, 2000-2014
- Author of the book ”Sultan’s Fonts”, 2009
- Developed a “Naskh” typeface that simulates Quran publishing and literary works, 2008-2011
- Taught Graphics in several institutes, such as CISCO, New Horizons, Balfaqih
- Created many digital art/paintings (displayed in personal website, Flicker, and Facebook)
- Study : ”A window on Designing an Arabic Typeface” 2011
- Study : ”Developing Digital Ruq’ah: An Innovative way in Arabic Typography” 2012
Most Important Awards:
- Certificate from Aden University for designing Old South  Arabian script (Musnad) , 2006
- 1st  place prize winner in the ‘Text Category’ in Linotype´s 1st Arabic Type Design Contest, Dubai, 2006
- 2nd  place prize in the ‘Headlines Category’ in Linotype´s 1st  Arabic Type Design Contest, Dubai, 2006
- Medal of the Fourth Forum for Arabic calligraphy in Sharjah (2010)
- Certificate from King Fahd Glorious Qur’an Printing Complex Forum for the World-Renowned Qur’an Calligraphers, al-Madinah al-Munawwarah, 2011
Most Important Conferences and Participations:
- Dubai: Arabic Calligraphy and Typography Conference (American University – Dubai) 2006
- California: the inclusion of South Arabian script (Musnad) in the standard international code (Language Department, University of California (2007) via correspondence along with field research.
- Sharjah: The Fourth  Forum, ‘Art of  Arabic Calligraphy’ (2010) solo exhibition of ten digital art works
- Sharjah: The Fourth Forum, ‘Art of Arabic Calligraphy’ (2010) presentation for developing Arabic fonts
- Medina: King Fahd Complex for the Holy Quran’s most famous calligraphers  in the world (2011) two workshops about  developing Arabic fonts.

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